Two children playing jump rope

Active Play

No need to join a sports team! Encourage daily movement with these fun games and activities for kids. They promote exercise, cure boredom, and excite kids.
Father and son cycling - family adventure racing
Try This: Adventure Racing With Your Family
Family games - hide and seek
Turn Your Together Time Into Exercise by Making Family Games Active
Relay races for kids - egg and spoon
11 Relay Races for Kids
Two children on Easter egg hunt
Easter Party Games That Can Get Your Kids Hopping
kids relay race
5 Fun Outside Games to Get Kids Running
Boy and girl playing tag in garden
Kids Don't Realize They're Getting Exercise With Active Party Games
Kids playing with hula hoops
10 Fun Hula Hoop Tricks for Kids
homemade PE equipment - cardboard tunnel
Add a Little DIY to Active Play With Homemade PE Equipment.
Take big steps with kids pedometer activities
How Parents Can Motivate Their Kids to Be More Active With a Pedometer
PongCano board game box and pieces
Board Games for Kids With a Healthy Twist
Children running in park
8 Ways to Move Kids From Being Stuck Indoors
Kids playing dragon tag
Dragon Tag Is Perfect for a Fairy Tale Party or Any Group Gathering
three little children running in play room
How to Help Kids Develop Locomotor Skills
Boy wearing cast on arm kicking a soccer ball
13 Ways for Kids With Casts to Still Play and Be Active
Games to play alone - soccer footwork
No Playdate, No Problem: Games Kids Can Play Alone
Flashlight games - treasure hunt
Flashlight Games for Fun After Dark
Kids playing a game with balloons
How Kids Master Manipulative Motor Skills
Siblings playing in bouncy castle at backyard
No Winners or Losers With Non-Competitive Games for Kids
A smiling little girl playing with a hula hoop
Active Indoor Games to Make Your Kid's Party a Hit
Soccer skills and more indoor games for kids - portrait of boy with soccer ball
How to Bring Outdoor Games and Sports Inside
Large motor skills activities: Boy drawing with sidewalk chalk
Art Projects Get Kids' Muscles Moving
kid holding a bunch of tennis balls
Playing 7-Up Game Is a Blast From the Past
Children having water balloon fight
9 Inexpensive Activities for Outside Water Play
Sidewalk chalk games: boy coloring outside
How to Encourage Active Outdoor Play With Chalk
Walking Together As A family
Ideas for Fun Walking and Hiking Games
active play for preschoolers
Fun Ways to Get Your Preschoolers Healthy and Fit
Girl kicking kickball in game
A Formula for Creating Fun Activities for Bored Kids
Girl playing kickball game
Kick Your Kickball Game up a Notch With Twists on a Playground Classic
Parents and kids lined up to start 3 legged race.
Heart-Healthy Fun Valentine's Day Party Games for Kids and the Family
Kids playing outside
The Right Way to Play the Classic Outdoor Game Capture the Flag
preschooler playing T-ball
How to Choose Age-Appropriate Balls for Children
Young family jumping rope joyfully on the lawn
Fun Jump Rope Games for Kids
Boy running outside with two girls in background
Top 10 Versions of Playing Tag
Kids playing kickball in street
The Best Outdoor Game Anyone Can Play Is Kickball
Rainy day outdoor activities - kids in raincoats
Try These Outdoor Activities With Your Kids the Next Time It Rains
rainy day activities - kids reaching for stuffed animal under bed
Chase the Rainy-Day Blues Away With Indoor Activities
Young boy learning to swim in pool with teacher
Age-by-Age Guide to Swimming Lessons for Kids
Games for kids party - outdoor play
Get Kids Running and Laughing With Outdoor Party Games
Play pirate's treasure - girl running on lawn
Pirate's Treasure Is a Version Capture the Flag Using Bean Bags
Group of older children playing 'wrap the mummy' Halloween game with toilet rolls
Halloween Party Games That Keep Kids Moving
Active birthday party - musical chairs
How to Host an Active Kids' Birthday Party
little girl tumbling
The 9 Best Indoor Toys & Games for Active Play in 2022
pretend play ideas - boy in superhero costume with wall and clouds
Why It's Important to Encourage Pretend Play With Your Children
Playful girl breaking pyramid made of disposable cups while sitting on floor at home
Stack, Launch, and Knock Them Down With Plastic Cup Fun
Boy playing with dinosaurs figurines
7 Must-Have Toys That Will Keep Your Independent Child Busy
Family hiking in woods
How Can You Make Thanksgiving Fun and Active for Your Family?
Child playing with blocks
Why Free Play Is Important for Your Over-scheduled Child

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