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It can be difficult to put your child in someone else's care, but understanding your options will help you find providers that work best for your family.
Educational Apps
The 9 Best Educational Apps of 2022
A preschool teacher reading to two toddlers
An Overview of Child Care
How to Pay for Child Care When You're on a Tight Budget
Mother and daughter shopping on tablet computer
How Parents Can Save Money When Raising Children
Children in a preschool class
5 Tips for When Your Daycare Raises Their Prices
paying a babysitter
The Factors You Need to Consider When Paying Your Babysitter
Parents working in home office with children playing
How Parents Can Ask Employers to Cover the Cost of Child Care
Teacher and toddlers in daycare
Child Care Benefits Can Lure in More Teachers
Teacher and toddlers in daycare
The Different Factors Parents Should Consider When Paying for Daycare
Au Pair
The 9 Best Au Pair Agencies of 2022
Preschool teacher and girl students playing with building blocks in classroom
How Much Does Childcare Cost?
toddlers painting in class
Essential Items Your Toddler Needs for Daycare
toddler girl smiling
What to Do If Your Child Is Biting Other Children at Daycare
Having fun at daycare
When Can a Baby Start Daycare?
Follow our baby packing list for daycare so your baby is all set for the day!
What You Need Each Week When Taking Your Baby to Daycare
sick kid in school
It's Important for Parents to Inform a Daycare About Their Sick Child
children playing outside
The Effect of Day Care on a Child's Success in School
Young children draw with a teacher in a classroom.
Why Parents Must Communicate With Childcare Providers or Daycare Staff
Preschool teacher and girl students playing with building blocks in classroom
Why Drop-In Care May Help When You Need a Last-Minute Babysitter
Young woman and baby boy playing with flowers
How Could Your Child Be Kicked out of Daycare?
Mother helping son put on shirt
How Parents Should Dress Their Kids for Daycare or School
Pre school teacher playing with babies
Finding the Right Daycare for Your Family
woman playing with two kids
What is the Difference Between a Live-in Nanny and an Au Pair?
Types of Childcare Providers
Pre School Girl learning.
How to Find Childcare Outside of Normal Working Hours
Grandparents playing with grandchildren
How to Set Ground Rules and Avoid Pitfalls When Grandparents Babysit
daycare provider playing with baby
How Parents Can Find Safe Care for Their Children While on Vacation
Children and teachers playing and making music in kindergarten
Questions Parents Should Ask Before Picking Child Care for Their Family
Babysitter playing with children
How to Find a Trustworthy and Reliable Babysitter
kids in daycare with provider
How to Select an In-Home Day Care for Your Child
Pediatric nurse makes house call
Interview Questions to Ask a Baby Nurse or Newborn Care Specialist
Teacher and toddlers in daycare
As Lifestyles Change, so Do Child Care Offerings
Grandfather playing with grandchildren, sitting on toy car
What to Discuss Before Grandparents Provide Child Care
Does a Work-at-Home Parent Need Help With Childcare?
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Top Reasons to Consider In-Home Family Child Care
Grandmother with her grandchild
Tips for Using Family As Child Care
Preschool teacher and students sitting in circle on floor in classroom
How to Know a Childcare Provider Meets Your Needs
Babysitter and baby
Weighing the Pros and Cons of Nannies vs. Daycares
An Overview of Quality Child Care
Premature newborn baby holding on to her grandfather's hand
Finding Child Care for Your Premature Baby
unhappy nanny
How to Make Your Nanny Happy so She Doesn't Quit
Nanny is helping two brothers with cooking in the kitchen.
Explaining Your Nanny's Departure to Your Kids
A picture of a mother leaving her child with his grandmother
Factors You Should Consider Before Asking Family to Watch Your Child
Babysitter watching a little boy
Why It's Important to Have a Checklist for Your Babysitter
Baby boy and teddy bears in crib at night
How Night Nannies Provide Help to Parents of Newborns
Mother's helper
Can a Mother's Helper Help You?
mom handing infant over to babysitter
What to Do If a Kid Seems to Like the Babysitter More Than Mom and Dad
Teacher drawing with students on floor at preschool
Top 10 Things Your Child Care Providers Want Families to Understand
Mother handing baby over to nanny
Screening and Selecting a Nanny or Babysitter for Your Kids
Parents interviewing babysitter
Before You Hire a Babysitter: Questions to Ask References
Woman giving her daughter to nanny
Asking a Babysitter Questions Can Help You Pick the Best One
'Adorable Caucasian Baby Girl with Mother at Park, Copy Space'
A Nanny Can Help Raise Your Children and Be Part of the Family
Babysitter helping young children with craft
How Parents Can Find a Great Babysitter for Their Kids
Daughter saying goodbye to mother
Why You Should Develop a Goodbye Routine With Your Children
A young woman feeding a baby in a high chair
10 Reasons to Fire a Nanny
Babysitter neglecting child
How Can Parents Tell They Hired a Bad Babysitter?
mother paying teen babysitter
How to Get a Babysitting Job as a Teenager
a babysitter holding a book and reading to two small children
The Best Babysitting Certification Programs of 2022