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Food and Nutrition

A variety of healthy foods fuel your child's body and brain development. Learn what you can do to encourage good nutrition now and as your child grows.
boy drinking
What You Need to Know About Children and Electrolytes
Little girl eating vegetables
Should You Hide Vegetables in Your Child's Food?
Child cooking
The 7 Best Cookbooks for Kids of 2022, According to a Dietitian
Child eating a salad
Can You Raise Children on a Special Diet
toddler coffee
Toddlers Are Drinking More Coffee But Is It Actually Safe?
Mother and daughter browsing in nutrition store
The 9 Best Probiotics for Kids in 2022, According to a Dietitian
Young girl pouring a glass of milk in a kitchen
Why Drinking Milk Is Recommended for Kids and What Milk Is Best
Brother and sister drinking milk in the kitchen
Parents Have Vitamins Alternatives for Children Who Don't Want to Eat
Pack your teen a quick breakfast to-go when there isn't time for a sit down meal.
Quick and Nutritious Breakfast Ideas for Teens
Young boy looking at digital tablet
Junk Food Marketers Are Targeting Kids on Digital Media
Boy biting a spear of asparagus
How Parents Can Feed More Iron-Rich Foods to Their Children
Boy (10-12) in football uniform drinking from water bottle, close up
Are Protein Shakes a Smart Option for Athletic Kids?
Parent offering child frying pan of sunnyside up eggs at breakfast table
Should You Let Your Kids Eat Eggs Every Day?
Young child drinking milk out of carton
Top 10 Healthy Foods That Kids Could Actually Like to Eat
Little African American boy drinking fresh milk from a glass.
How Do Non-Dairy Milks Affect Child Development?
Family eating snacks together
10 Fun, Healthy Snacks for Kids to Make
Young woman holding vitamin pill and glass of water, cropped
Is Fish Oil Supplementation Right for Kids?
girl drinking water at a table outdoors
Tips for Increasing Kids' Water Intake
boys eating orange slices at halftime during soccer game
Your Children Can Still Eat Healthy Snacks for Their Sports Games
A child holding gummy candy.
Should You Give Your Kids Gummy Vitamins?
Overhead view of hands making a packed lunch
Creative Ideas for Packed Lunches Kids Will Actually Eat
Father and daughter tasting food at kitchen island
Are You Raising a Vegetarian Child?
young child with bread
How Much Fiber Do Kids Need Each Day?
Does too much sugar lead to hyperactivity in kids?
Can Sugar Really Make Kids Bounce Off the Walls?
Young boy drinking milk
Is Drinking Organic Milk a Healthier Option for Your Kids?
How much water should kids drink
How Much Water Do Kids Need?
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How Parents Can Teach Their Children Healthy Eating Habits
The new MyPlate logo from the USDA is supposed to help people build a healthy plate of food.
Using the USDA MyPlate Food Plate May Help Your Child's Nutrition
A boy eating at a fast food restaurant
Is a McDonald's Happy Meal Really That Bad for Your Kid
Mixed race boy flexing his muscle and drinking glass of milk
How to Help Your Tween Embrace Healthier Eating
Raw vegetable snacks for kids
Satisfying Snacks Your Kids Will Love
Boy eating banana
Foods High in Potassium to Feed Your Children
young boy drinking juice with straw
Do Children Need Sugar-Free Juice and Drinks?
Girl eating green peas with a fork.
Do All Kids Really Need to Take Vitamins to Be Healthy?
Father helping daughter cook
Healthy Breakfast Ideas Your Kids Will Love
healthy school lunch
How Can Parents Get Their Children to Eat Healthy School Lunches?
A picture of kids eating lunch at school
USDA Changes in Your Child’s Lunch at School
A child eating chips with guacamole.
Children Can Gain Weight in Healthy Ways With the Right Nutrition
Boy pouring raisins into bowl of muesli mixture, 4 years
There's Some Controversy About Whether Raisins are Healthy or Not
Girls drinking chocolate milk together
Which Side of the Chocolate Milk Wars Are You On?
Mother and daughter eating watermelon
How Much Fruit Should Your Child Be Eating?
School lunch
School or Packed Lunch for Their Children?
Boy with candy jar, counting candies
Why Too Much Sugar Can Be Harmful to Children
Toddler eating yogurt
Kid-Friendly, Protein-Rich Foods
Young child drinking large glass of milk
Is Low-Fat Milk Best for Kids?
Schoolboy (8-10) sitting at desk staring at lunchbox, pulling face.
Get Your Picky Eaters to Eat With Awesome School Lunch Ideas
Close up of girl with braids drinking chocolate milk
What Pediatricians and Nutrition Experts Think of Carnation Breakfast Essentials
Close shot of baby eating a banana
How Parents Can Help Their Children Suffering From Constipation
Girls sharing glass of milk
Are They Still Putting Growth Hormones in Milk?
Baby feeding himself yoghurt
Do Your Kids Need Probiotics?
little girl eating a banana
Are Bananas Healthy?
Boy at table, drinking orange juice
When Is Too Much Fruit Juice Bad for Your Child?
Worst pre-game meals: A cheeseburger
How Not to Feed Your Kid Before Sports
Close-up of a boy drinking a glass of milk
The Best Type of Milk to Give to Children of Various Ages
Girls taking a selfie while making breakfast after a slumber party
Easy Breakfast Ideas for Tween and Teen Sleepovers
Group of children
Should You Give Your Child a Vitamin D Supplement?
Close up of mother preparing baby formula
DHA and ARA Supplements in Formula
Unrecognizable mom feeds baby with spoon
Picking the Right Avocado Is Essential for Baby Food
Don't try to force feed your child if he's a picky eater.
What Parents Can Do When Their Child Is a Picky Eater
Family dinner
Healthy Meals for Picky Eaters