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    Getting Pregnant

    Want to get pregnant? Start here to learn about the optimal time for sex, possible fertility challenges and what you can do about them, symptoms of pregnancy, testing, and more.
    Journey to surrogacy
    Perspectives: 7 Families Share Their Surrogacy Journey
    Pregnant lesbian couple sitting on a couch together
    How Reciprocal IVF Can Help LGBTQ+ Couples Have a Baby Together
    Couple holding hands and looking at a pregnancy test.
    What Are the Fertility Options for Transgender People?
    injection needle
    What to Know About Testosterone Injections
    Woman with abdominal pain
    What Does Ovulation Feel Like?
    African American doctor taking pregnant woman's blood pressure
    What Is an Obstetrician?
    Couple in bed embracing
    What Is Conception?
    False Pregnancy
    What Is a False or Phantom Pregnancy?
    Couples looks on at their twin babies
    Is a Known, Anonymous, or Open Donor Arrangement Best?
    Pregnant surrogate and intended mother touching belly of the expectant mother
    Should You Offer to Be a Surrogate for Your Infertile Friend?
    Lesbian couple with newborn baby
    Options for When You Can't Get Your Needed Fertility Treatments
    Couple sitting in consulting room at the doctor
    How Many Ovarian and Antral Follicles You Should Have for Fertility?
    Smiling pregnant couple looking out living room window
    Trying to Get Pregnant With PCOS? Here's How
    Cross section of endometrium, Uterus, Day 28, menses, micrograph 20x
    The Endometrium and Its Role in Your Fertility
    In Doctors Office
    Which Kind of Fertility Doctor Is Best for You?
    Pelvis, X-ray
    Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Infections Need to Be Treated First
    syringe and GnRH agonist vial with Lupron on glass dish, used during IVF treatment
    How the Hormone GnRH Works During IVF
    Loving Male Same Sex Couple Cuddling Baby Daughter On Sofa At Home Together
    How to Have a Baby and Build Your Family When You Identify as LGBTQ
    Woman sitting on couch with hand on head, man in background behind her
    Can Stress Be the Cause of Your Infertility?
    woman looking in mirror and pinching stomach
    Do Eating Disorders Cause Infertility?
    Mom smiling at newborn at hospital
    How to Get Pregnant When Couples Have Unexplained Infertility
    IV tubing
    What Every Fertility Patient Needs to Know About Natural Killer Cells
    There's a few things you have to focus on here
    What Happens When Your Sperm Count Is Zero?
    White underwear on a string
    How Men's Underwear Choices May Impact Sperm Health
    Man on long highway leaning over from fatigue, a possible symptoms of low testosterone levels
    The Highs and Lows of Testosterone: What You Need to Know
    Female doctor using digital tablet with couple to explain blocked fallopian tubes
    What You Need to Know About Blocked Fallopian Tubes
    Couple on beach with child, secondary infertility preventing them from having another
    Secondary Infertility Can Be Confusing and Difficult for Many Families
    Female REPRODUCTIVE system x-ray view
    Getting Pregnant After Cervical Stenosis
    Negative pregnancy test
    When Doctors Don't Know Why You Can't Get Pregnant
    woman with abdominal pain, from pelvic inflammatory disease symptoms
    How to Tell If You Might Have Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
    Man holding newborn baby
    Does Age Affect Male Fertility?
    Computer illustraton of sperm swimming, unlike with necrozoospermia where sperm don't move
    Necrozoospermia Can Be a Cause of Male Infertility
    Woman with stomach cramps.
    Adhesions Can Cause Infertility for Many Women
    Young couple looking at a negative pregnancy test
    The Truth About Infertility in Your 20s and Early 30s
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    Why Your Weight May Matter When You're Trying to Conceive
    Woman holding stomach in pain
    6 Signs Your Period Cramps Are Not Normal
    Woman in her 40s walking on beach with a child
    What Are Your Chances of Getting Pregnant After 35?
    Woman holding a menstrual cup while drinking water in her bedroom
    How to Know If You Have Irregular Periods
    USA, New Jersey, Jersey City, Couple receiving advice from doctor in office
    When to See a Fertility Doctor for Help
    Woman holding blister pack of birth control pills
    How Birth Control May Impact Your Fertility After You Stop Taking It
    Stressed couple looking at a pregnancy test
    7 Ways Stress Can Make It Harder to Get Pregnant
    Anovulation and Ovulatory Dysfunction
    Woman Touching Abdomen In Pain While Sleeping On Bed At Home
    Pain During Sex: Causes and How It Impacts Fertility
    Worried girl after looking a pregnancy test
    The Possible Connection Between Painful Periods and Fertility
    Young couple lying asleep in bed, close-up
    8 Healthy Habits That Boost Fertility
    Woman lying down with one hand on her belly and the other holding a positive pregnancy test
    10 Reasons You Might Experience Vaginal Spotting Between Periods
    Young woman wearing sunglasses, smoking outdoors, close-up
    How Smoking Hurts Female Fertility
    Smoking and semen quality
    The Surprising Truth About Smoking and Male Fertility
    Woman getting needle in arm
    What You Must Know About Depo-Provera and Your Future Fertility
    Microscopic image of sperm
    How Should Sperm Swim?
    Sperm approaching an ovum
    How Is Low Sperm Count and Motility Treated?
    Young woman looking out window
    What Is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?
    Pregnant woman with partner's hand on her belly, pregnant with PCOS
    Irregular Cycles? Here's How to Get Pregnant
    Group of three overweight people walking
    Subfertility and Infertility Causes and Treatment Options
    Drinking coffee, tea, or hot chocolate with caffeine
    The Truth About Caffeine and Your Fertility
    woman skipping rope
    When Is Too Much Exercise a Problem for Fertility?
    Focused young woman working at laptop in office
    How Vaginal Dryness May Decrease Your Fertility
    Man with hands on his belly, while standing on scale
    How Varicocele Cause Infertility and Treatment Options Available
    woman with abdominal pain
    How Does Hydrosalpinx or a Blocked Fallopian Tube Prevent Pregnancy?
    Midle age woman's pain
    How Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Could Make You Infertile