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    Student carrying a lunch tray in a school cafeteria
    Supply Chain Issues are Disrupting School Lunches—And Students
    Grandparent holding newborn baby
    Should My Family Get A Flu Shot To Protect My Newborn?
    Person holding positive pregnancy test
    What You Need to Know About How the Omicron Variant Affects Pregnancy
    child mask
    What Parents Need to Know About The Omicron Variant
    Sad girl at fence
    Kids With Autism Twice As Likely to Have Thoughts of Suicide
    Child shopping with father
    How to Shop Safely Amid Potential Holiday Toy Shortages
    Baby sleeping
    Owlet Baby Smart Sock Is Off the Market—What Parents and Experts Think
    Birth at a hospital
    How Physicians Are Making Decisions in the Delivery Room
    Grocery shopping during COVID
    Rising Food Price Affect Families' Grocery Store Bills
    A woman holds her back in her birthing room.
    Forceps Use Associated With Injuries to Birthing Parents, Study Finds
    Holiday gathering outdoors
    How to Gather at the Holidays When Not Everyone is Vaccinated
    A classroom of students watches the teacher present.
    How the Biden Administration Plans to Promote Mental Health in Schools
    Father with his baby in front of a Christmas tree
    How to Protect Your Newborn from COVID-19 During the 2021 Holidays
    Kid struggling in school
    How to Support Kids in School Who Develop Long-Haul COVID
    Mom signing with her baby
    Exposure to Language—Signed or Spoken—Supports Development in Babies
    Baby chewing on toy
    Lead Exposure Is Still a Concern—Here's How to Protect Kids
    Family of 6 calling baby towards them
    Expert Tips on Dealing with Loved Ones Who Don't Like Your Baby's Name
    Pregnant stomach with stretch marks
    Stretch Marks After Having A Baby Are Nothing to Be Ashamed Of
    girl getting vaccine
    What You Need To Know About The COVID-19 Vaccine For Kids
    Simone De La Rue
    How Simone De La Rue Trains Celebs While Watching Her Toddler
    Boy telling grandfather a joke
    Humor and Intelligence in Kids Are Related
    Siblings making crafts at the table
    How Holiday Traditions Like Elf on the Shelf Fuel Child Development
    Child getting a shot
    How to Help Vaccine-Hesitant Young Children Combat Their Fears
    child at doctor
    What Should I Do If My Child Tests Positive for COVID-19?
    people in circles
    Perspectives: 10 Parents on How Their Family Celebrates Hanukkah
    Little girl getting a COVID vaccine
    Where to Get Your 5- to 11-Year Old a COVID-19 Vaccine
    child vaccine
    What Are the Side Effects of the COVID-19 Vaccine in Kids?
    Pregnant woman receiving ultrasound
    Drug and Alcohol Poisoning Cause Deaths During and After Pregnancy
    teen girl getting a vaccine shot from a nurse
    What Parents Need to Know About Mix-and-Match COVID-19 Shots
    Pregnant woman in doctor's office getting vaccinated
    Study Says COVID-19 Vaccines Are Safe During Pregnancy
    teen girl looking sad in a school hallway
    LGBTQ+ Kids at Increased Risk of Bullying—Here's How to Help
    people at consultation
    Diagnosed Endometriosis May Help Fertility Treatments
    Premature baby drinking breastmilk from a bottle
    Marijuana in Breastmilk Has No Short-Term Effects, Study Shows
    Pregnant woman holding belly
    Pregnant Parent's Weight Pre-Pregnancy Can Lead to Allergies in Kids
    Child getting a shot in the arm
    Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine Is Effective in Children 5 to 11 Years Old
    Children listening to teacher in classroom
    Learning About Harm and Abuse In Schools Can Be Beneficial For Kids
    vape on a blue background
    The Dramatic Rise in Vaping Among Teens Is Dangerous—Here's Why
    Two girls eating dessert by menorah
    How to Celebrate Hanukkah With Your Family
    Sick girl in hospital bed
    Doctors May Identify Which Kids' COVID Cases are Severe Before Progressing
    person holding pregnancy test behind back
    COVID-19 Lockdowns Made It Difficult to Access Contraceptives
    person breastfeeding baby
    Breastfed Babies May Have a Lower Risk of Type 1 Diabetes
    Girl carries school lunch tray
    Here's How Kids Benefit From International Cuisine Lunch Options
    Pregnant woman prepares to receive vaccine by having her arm sanitized.
    Should Pregnant People Get the COVID-19 Booster Shot?
    Baby chews plastic toy
    Babies Have More Microplastics Inside Their Bodies Than Adults
    A young teenage girl looks at her phone.
    Instagram Kids' Progress Halted, Citing Concerns on Kids' Mental Health
    Johnson-East Family
    Shawn Johnson East Says Having Two Kids Under Two Is Easier Than One
    Father and his two daughters exercising at home
    Physical Activity Has Decreased in Children
    mom on the phone with kids around
    It’s Time Moms Start Putting “Mom” on Their Resume
    Mother breastfeeding
    Breastfeeding May Reduce Chances of PPD
    happy couple with pregnancy test
    Rates of IVF Success Have Improved Over Last 10 Years, Report Shows
    Nabela Noor
    How Nabela Noor Feels to be Pregnant After Trying For 6 Years
    person breastfeeding
    Some Baby Formula Websites Discourage Breastfeeding
    Woman sitting on a couch holding her pregnant belly
    Study Highlights the Dangers of Smoking While Pregnant
    Woman breastfeeding her infant
    Harmful Chemicals Called PFAS May Lead to Early Weaning
    Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt
    Why Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt Doesn't Mind 3 a.m. Feedings
    A child stares at a vision test.
    Children of Mothers with Diabetes While Pregnant Have Higher Risk of Vision Problems
    shocked baby
    Infant Curiosity May Predict Future Cognitive Abilities
    Mother holding baby getting temperature taken
    Toddlers and Babies More Likely to Spread COVID-19 at Home Than Teens
    Young child sleeping in bed.
    Sleep Apnea Can Lead to Heart Problems in Children
    child cold
    Expert Tips on Treating Your Toddler's Cold