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Child Safety and First Aid

Arm yourself with information that'll prepare you to deal with minor (or serious) injuries, and maybe even help temper any worry over your kids' safety.
Mother putting baby in car in car seat
Types of Car Seat for the Various Needs of Families
Mother fastening little girl into car seat
State Requirements for Car Seats to Protect Your Baby or Toddler
teacher and student
How PTSD and Trauma Impacts Kids in School
Teach your child how to stay safe when you're walking through parking lots.
How to Teach Kids to Be Safe in Parking Lots
window blinds, toddlers
How Parents Can Prevent Their Children From Being Injured by Blinds
toddler sleeping
Parents Should Understand the Harm of Giving Their Child Benadryl
Man playing with kids behind car
Why It's Not Safe to Install Car Seats with Seat Belts and Lower Anchors
summer car seat safety
Summer Car Seat Safety Guide
There are some pros and cons to letting kids run around barefoot.
The Pros and Cons of Letting Kids Go Barefoot
Compact home humidifier creates vapor.
Before You Buy Humidifiers and Vaporizers for Kids
Tylenol vs motrin
Tylenol vs. Motrin: Which Is Better for Your Kids?
Toddler in rear-facing car seat
Do You Understand the Latest Car Seat Guidelines?
Bad behavior punishment
How to Recognize If a Child Is Being Emotionally Abused
Mother applying Band-Aid on daughter's arm
How to Take the Pain out of Bandage Removal
Young girl relaxing in jacuzzi
Are Hot Tubs Safe for Kids?
Little boy holding glass in front of lemonade
How Citrus and Celery Can Cause Phytophotodermatitis Sunburn
Baby wearing hat and sweater smiling in car seat.
How Thick Coats and Snowsuits Reduce Car Seat Safety
What to Know About Elevator and Escalator Dangers
A crying preschooler.
When Your Child Goes Missing at Home or in a Public Place
School-aged girl coloring in a coloring book
8 Activities Your Child Can Do With a Concussion
Little girl playing with kitten
When a Cat Scratch Causes Infant Infection
Young boy having a bath
Soothe Your Child's Skin by Making an Oatmeal Bath
Mother giving daughter medicine
Parents Should Be Careful When Giving Their Children Cough Medicine
Smiling baby standing in crib
How to Baby-Proof Your Nursery
Grandfather and grandson hunters in camouflage bonding, walking in woods
Be Aware of Gun Safety to Prevent Hunting Tragedies With Children
Man in car waving to apprehensive girl standing in the street
Protecting Against Child Predators Is Beyond Stranger Danger
Boy with sunburned face
How to Relieve Sunburn Pain in Children
Fireman talking about evacuation routes to children
Fun Activity Ideas for Teaching Your Children About Fire Safety
Teaching Hand washing to Preschoolers
Teaching Hand Washing to Preschoolers
Toddler in rear-facing car seat
What You Need to Know About Car Seat Safety for Toddlers
Girl and boy pulling their father in amusement park
Safety Tips for Families at Amusement Parks
baby sleeping in crib
Safe Sleep Tips to Avoid Suffocation
woman's hands holding black marker
How to Label Your Kids' Items Without Compromising Their Safety
Infant in rear-facing car seat
How to Prevent Dangers to Infants and Kids in Hot Cars
Sick Child
Home Remedies Recommended by Pediatricians
Home trampolines are a common cause of injuries.
Just How Dangerous Are Home Trampolines?
Woman applying suntan lotion to her little girl on a beach
Which Sunscreen Ingredients Protect Your Kids from the Sun's Rays?
boy drinks water at school fountain.
7 Questions Parents Ask About Lead in School Water
Man helping his baby learn to walk
Step-by-Step Guide to Childproofing Your Home
cognitive rest - girl on couch
When a Doctor Prescribes Cognitive Rest for a Child
Baby pulling electricity cord
Why Haven't We Banned Baby Walkers Yet?
Mother tending to her son's nosebleed
What to Know About Stopping and Preventing Nosebleeds
Mother applying tick repellent on daughter
The 10 Best Bug Sprays for Kids in 2022
Doctor wrapping child's head.
When Kids Suffer From a Head Injury
Young attractive girl stands near car with open back door and emergency lights is on, tries to find something in first aid kit
12 Essential Items to Include in Your Car First-Aid Kit
Enthusiastic boy cheering in back seat of car
Car Seat Options for Children With Medical and Behavioral Challenges
childhood bruises
Does Your Child Have a Bug Bite You Need to Treat?
Irritated young girl pulling out hair
The 7 Best Lice Treatments for Kids of 2022
father checking daughter's forehead for fever
How Long Should a Child Stay Home with Rotavirus?
Why You Might Need a Cover for Your Baby's Car Seat
Young girl feeding goats underneath fence
Can Petting Zoos Make You and Your Children Sick?
Boy and girl standing on escalator.
Keep Your Kids Safe From Hidden Dangers in Their Lives
Mother and baby boy on bed
What to Know About Using VapoRub Under Your Child's Nose
Man and girl applying sun block to noses
Outside Safety Checklist for Kids During the Summer
Doctor, nurse and paramedics wheeling patient on stretcher
When Is an Unintentional Injury a Crime and Not Just an Accident
Mother explaining fire to her son
Tips for Teaching Kids About Fire Safety
Boy lying on a couch in his pj's cuddling his cat
How to Know When a Child Is Old Enough to Stay Home Alone
Baby boy sees mom in the kitchen
Baby Gates for Keeping Children Off Stairs and Out of Other Rooms
Baby Gate
The Most Important Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe
baby boy playing at home
Can You Recognize These Choking Hazards?