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Special Needs Children

Raising and working with kids who have special needs requires daily patience and commitment. Learn about common challenges and concerns and find support.
A teacher reads with a student.
How Is Apraxia of Speech Treated With Therapy?
Classroom with children with disabilties
Supporting and Teaching Students With Multiple Disabilities
Two Kids at School
Children With Special Needs Can Have an Array of Diagnoses
A picture of a child on the potty
Tips for Potty Training Children With Special Needs
newborn in hospital
The Unusual Set of Birth Defects That Define VATER Syndrome
Teacher With Parents
Preparing the School for Your Child With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
Happy schoolboy looking at digital tablet in classroom
Communication Boards Can Help Students With Special Needs
Child at speech therapy session
Support Ancillary Services That Are Available for Special Needs Children
Child in Wheelchair
6 Great Gifts for Children and Teens in Wheelchairs
Play therapist often provide art supplies.
Could My Child Benefit From Play Therapy?
Father and son
How You Can Tell If Your Child Has Psychopathy
Mother hugging child with Down syndrome
Speech Therapy For Children With Down Syndrome
mom and special needs son
How to Talk With Your Special Needs Child About Puberty
Mother and son sitting on a couch together
How to Help Kids With Tourette Syndrome at School
Boy playing with toy train on floor
10 Best Special Needs Toys and Games to Buy for Your Child
Mom and daughter at computer
How to Set Up an Email for Your Child You Can Monitor
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6 Ways to Find Support for Special Needs Parents
Sad boy doing homework
Can Stress in Your Child's Life Lead to Misbehavior?
Stressed Mom
11 Things Special Needs Parents Need to Survive and Thrive
Father washing dishes with his daughter
Tools for Teaching Life Skills to Children With Disabilities
Girl (3-5) brushing hair, close-up
Why Students With Learning Disabilities Need to Use Adaptive Behavior
Family Watching Television
TV Series Featuring Characters or Performers With Disabilities
Mother talking to 3 year old daughter.
Why Early Intervention Services Are Key for Learning Disabilities
Mother and son arm wrestling.
50 Ways to Keep Your Kids Occupied Without Toys
Mom being affectionate with sensitive young son
How to Parent a Sensitive Child Live in a Less Than Sensitive World
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11 Back-to-School Tips to Help Your Special Needs Child Thrive
Children with depression require slightly different discipline tactics.
7 Ways You Should Discipline a Depressed Child Differently
Girl with Down syndrome swimming in a pool
Find Swim Gear for the Special Needs Person in Your Life
Gold star stickers
Making Behavior Charts Work for Your Child With Special Needs
Boy helping mother make bed
Can Backward Chaining Help Your Child Learn Life Skills?
Young student (8-10) sitting at desk with pensive expression
8 Emotions Parents After a Learning Disability Diagnosis
school bus children
What Questions Should Parents Ask About the School Bus Ride?
A child with a victim mentality will sulk when she doesn't get her way.
What Parents Can Do If Their Child Has a Victim Mentality
Talk to your child about her disability.
How to Talk About Your Child's Disability so They Don't Feel Different
back to school supplies
Here Are Reasons Why to Go to Your Child's Back-to-School Night
Parent scolding child
10 Special Strategies to Help Parents With Challenging Children
defiant little boy standing against a brick wall
How to Tell If Your Child Has Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Photo illustration of boy screaming
Signs Your Child Needs Help With Their Anger
Don't let your child develop a victim mentality.
How to Prevent Your Child From Developing a Victim Mentality
Mom Combing Out Head Lice
Should Having Head Lice Keep Kids From Going to School?
family smiling at each other, happy, outdoors
7 Positive Ways to Discipline Children in Foster Care
Upset son sitting next to his dad
Strategies for Parenting a Child With Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Happy boy with sticky dough hands
The 8 Most Effective Ways to Discipline a Child With ADHD
Sad Child in Messy Room
Is Hoarding a Problem for Your Child?
Parent with dog and child
The Most Effective Ways to Discipline a Child With Autism
Working at home
Signs of Stress in Parenting a Learning Disabled Child
Sad student leaning on desk
Child Won't Sit Still at School? 5 Things You Can Do
Teacher, parent, child
Why Parents Need to Advocate for Their Special Needs Students
Grandmother and Granddaughter
Finding a Babysitter for a Child With Special Needs
Teen sits on the edge of a bed, listening to their parent
Is It Normal Childhood Defiance or a Behavior Disorder?
couple with daughter Christmas shopping at the mall
17 Tips for Enjoying the Holidays With Your Special Needs Kid
Toddler in the bathroom
How the No Pants Potty Training Method Can Work for Your Child
A picture of a child learning to write
How School Tools Can Help Students With Learning Disabilities
Young female speech therapist helping a young patient
The 9 Best Speech Therapy Apps of 2022
Boys holding basketballs while looking up at court
How After-School Activities Can Help Your Special Needs Child
Boy hugging dog
Can a Service or Therapy Animal Help Our Child With Special Needs?
Children running
Are Your Child’s Motor Skills on Track?
Boy sits in a wheelchair and prepares for basketball game
Sports Programs for Your Child With Special Needs
Mother and Son Talking
Five Familiar Games for Sneaky Speech Therapy
Adult female therapist guiding young girl in speech therapy
Best Online Speech Therapy of 2022